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"Words in Due Season: Come up to the Mountain"

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Words in Due Season

"Come up to the Mountain"

Words given through Pastor Paula Baker

July 4, 2005

And I declare to you that today in the whole body of Christ and the earth realm, things are breaking off of you and you are coming out of those things that have held you captive and you are going to be free.  The Lord says to you, “That today is a day of Jubilee.  Today is the day of the 4th of July.  It is the day of freedom.  It is true freedom in the Spirit.  My Son paid the price to set you free and you are free indeed.  And you are not under bondage to anything or anyone.  Today is the day of your freedom.  Celebrate a 4th of July this weekend in the Lord.  In your freedom in Christ Jesus.  That you are not in any bondage any longer.”
Isaiah 2
And the Lord would say to you, “That this is a day and hour for you to rise up in military power.  This is a day for you to rise up and take your place and dominion.  This is a day for you to come out from under the foot of the enemy.  Those who have trodden you down and trodden down your wine, grapes.  Your grapes of harvest.  This is a time for you to come from under them.  This is a time for you to rise up in power.”
And the Lord would say to you, “Come up to the top of the mountain.  Come up to the top of the mountain.  That it’s not just time for the rapture.  This is a time where you can ascend to the hill of the Holy Lord, your God.  This is a time that you can come into a time when you can come into a new relationship with Him.  This is a time that you can lay down the cares of this world and you can come up to the mountain.  Come up to the mountain.  I am calling all nations, today, to come up to the mountain.  I’m calling you to come up in the Spirit.  I’m calling you to pull away.  Draw nigh to Me.  Come up to the top of a mountain.  Come up to the top of the mountain and receive your gifts.  Receive the reward.  Receive the things I will give to you.”
And the Lord would say to you, “That I’ve given My light, but sometimes you have not walked in the light.  Sometimes you’ve walked in your own ways and you didn’t even realize that the light was not with you.  That you did not say, ‘Come with me, light.  Shine out of me, light.’  Because My Word says My light is a lamp unto My path.  And then when you turn the light on, you allow it to come out.  Everything around you shall be bathed in light.  The things that are so confusing.  The things that you don’t understand will now come into alignment.  You’ll understand.  You’ll have an understanding because the light will shine upon it.  And there is light that is being shined upon now.  Shined in your heart.  There is a new day for you.  A new day is dawning for you.  And let your light shine so forth.”
And the Lord would say to you, “That there’s coming a time when I’m tearing down the altars.  I’m tearing down those things.  You shall even see in the natural the things that I’m tearing down.  Know that I have come to this point.  That I have decided that there will be nor more idols.  That there’ll be no more idols in the heart of My own people.  You have made many things idols.  Even things that are good, you have them idols.  And you’ve traded them for My time.  But I’m telling you, you must come up to the mountain.  You must remove all idols from your heart and come up to the mountain.  Come up to the mountain and I will give you fresh robes.  Clean.  White.  And pure.”
Worship your God alone.  Worship the God alone of your heart.  Worship Him and none other.  Get ride of your idols.  Remove them from the places of honor that they have even in your churches.  Remove the idols of your heart and seek the Lord your God with all your strength, My heart, soul and will.  Seek Him with everything you have.  Make Him Lord of everything you have.  There is coming a great and terrible day of the Lord and you need to be refined.  You need to be cleansed.  You need to come unto the fountain of waters and let Me wash you again anew.  Let Me bring in you and out of you the springs of living water.  That you can feed, that you can give those that are thirsty.  There are many out there you think there is no one who wants to hear the gospel.  But, I’m telling you, there are many out there that are thirsty for a drink of My living water.  There are many out there that are hungry to hear My words of live.  And you must present them.  You must present them.  But you must deal with the things of your life first so that waters you give is pure and the bread that you give is without leaven.”
And the Lord would say to you, “There is come a severing.  There’s come a separation.  There is a time that you are now going to have to separate yourselves even from those who want to speak even of inequity.  Those who do not want to spend their time in worship with Me.  Those who do not have a heart for justice.  Know that it is not judgment and destruction that I am seeking.  But it is mercy upon those.  I want to pour out My mercy.  Pray that they turn to Me.  That I can pour out My mercy upon them.  It is My desire that all will be saved and will come to the mountain of the Lord.  It is My will for you to go forth showing mercy.  My children have not show mercy.  Great mercy has been show to you, but you have not shown mercy.  Go now.  Show mercy to the lost.  Show love to them and bring them in.  Call them in.  Compel them to come in.  For the great and terrible day of the Lord will come.  And it will not tarry.