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Words in Due Season: Wings of Eagles

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Words in Due Season

"Wings of Eagles"

May 7, 2006

Pastor Paula

And the Lord would say to you that in this day in this hour that I have come to give you the very things that you have sought for with all your heart. I have come to give you me, I have come to bring you into a new dimension of My Spirit and I have come to give you wings of eagles. I have come to cause you to soar into the Heavenlies, even in the realm that you have been crying out for and you said take me deeper and take me higher. And today I come to take you deeper and higher, deeper and higher into Myself. And I am coming and I am releasing mantles to you right now, I’m releasing mantles to My children, mantles of prophecy and mantles of revelation and mantles of healing, mantles of evangelism. I am releasing mantles to My children this day.

Even thought the enemy came and the enemy lied to you and told you that you could not, you would not, you weren’t even called, and even thought the enemy came and he gave you lie after lie after lie, that he fed you every day, and you believed it, you believed it. And today I am coming to remove the lie of the enemy that said you could not, you would not, and that you weren’t called. And I’m removing, even right now, that lie. I’m removing it from your mind, I’m removing it from you spirit, and I’m removing it from your body.

Nehemiah 9


And today we worship that same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We worship that same God and we will cry aloud, "You are the God of Israel, You are our God, and we are Your people. You have called us with a calling that is sure that cannot be resending and today we answer that call. And today we come into that place with You because You are our God and we are Your people.

Vs. 7-8

And today He is changing your name from desolate to blessed. He is changing your land from desolate to Beulah. He is changing your name today. Today He gives you a brand new name and He calls you blessed of the Lord, beloved of My heart, seeker of My face, lover of My soul.

Vs. 9- 15

And today He is giving you your land. You must possess your land. You must go and possess your land. And He is giving you water from the rock, water from the rock. Drink, drink, drink, drink now, drink of the living water from the rock called Christ. Drink, drink, drink and be revived and be restored by the water.

Vs.16- 17

And today He is not forsaking you because His abundance of kindness is extended to you today in a brand new way. There is nothing you have done to prevent you from coming into His presence. When you grab a hold of mercy, for His mercies are new every morning. And He is coming to you today in a way, that even though you have hardened your necks, even though you didn’t obey every time, He is coming in mercy today for restoration and healing and rejuvenation.


Oh God, if His mercy was that great and they made a calf a golden idle to worship as they God and He did not desert or leave them in the wilderness, why do you think He would leave you? He has not left you and He has not left this earth, and it is His desire to bring all the lost to Himself. For He is forever married to the backslider, He is forever conscious of those who need Him and we His body must love. We must not judge, God will judge. We must love. For it is the goodness of God that brings man to repentance. And God is pouring out His love in us this day in a brand new way. He is pouring His love into us to give away and as you give it away you will receive more, you will receive more.


And the Lord God is bringing you deliverers. There are many that are rising up and pointing the way out of destruction and pointing the way into your promised land. He is raising up many in this hour as deliverers and He will deliver you when you keep your eyes fixed on Him.

Vs. 28-29

The Lord your God today is saying unstop your ears, don’t harden your hearts or your neck against me anymore. For my desire to use you in this hour is so great. I have a desire to use you in multitudes of ways, if you will un-harden you necks, if you will listen and obey.

Vs. 30-38

Today is a day of a new convent with your God. Today is a day to rewrite a new covenant with your God that you will serve Him and follow Him all the days of your life. That you will do what He tells you to do, that you will go where He tells you to go. For truly in our land, our land is not our own. For surely we see them take the private homes away from people to build malls. God did not intend that. We see the government has rule over our bodies saying our children can have abortions without even telling us. We truly are not our own. We truly are living in a land that was suppose to be ours, but the enemy, because of our disobedience has been allowed to take it over.

And it is time children, it is time to return to God and repent with a whole heart and make a new covenant with Him and He is able to keep that covenant that you make. If you keep your hearts toward Him and you want a new start in Him, if you want to possess your land and enjoy it, it is time to return to the Lord with your whole heart, your whole heart. Return to Him, pray, repent and sign a new covenant with Him or resign the covenant the He made with His blood.

He is calling us into deep places in the Spirit, He is calling us to higher heights than we have ever been before but until we repent and sign a new covenant with Him we cannot be fully activated in what He has called us to because we still have one foot in Jesus and one foot in this world. We too love this world, we love it’s things, and sometimes we don’t open our spiritual eyes to see how bound we are. So God is calling ourselves back to Him today. He wants us to remember the things that He did for us, the miracles, the signs, the wonders. And He wants us to not harden our necks, stiffen our necks, harden our hearts. He wants us to say suckle, bendable, pliable so the Holy Spirit can take you and bend you in any shape he wants to. To use you for His purpose. You see we are not building our kingdom, we are building God’s kingdom. But mostly we have been focused on enjoying ourselves. We have not identified with His sufferings, His crucifixion. We complain and whine when things go wrong instead of saying thank you that you counted me worthy to suffer with you.