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Words in Due Season: "Raising an Army to Love the Lost"

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Words in Due Season

"Raising an Army to Love the Lost"

Words given through Pastor Paula Baker

At The Michigan City Aglow

JULY 9, 2005

Romans 10

The Lord would say to you in this hour, "This is a team. This is an army. This is Joel’s army that I’m raising up. This is a time and hour to put away your crafts. Put away your knitting. It is not a time to go into your rocking chair and think this is a time of retirement. This is a time of refirement. This is a day that I am commissioning you new and again. There are many that came back into the army even into the National Guard in the time of war. And I declare to you today, this is a time of war and you are being recommissioned so that you can come into the army of the Lord and do the things you have not yet accomplished."

And the Lord would say to you, "That I’ve called everyone of you a preacher. I have called everyone of you to have flames of fire; tongues of fire that come out of your mouth to preach the Word of God in boldness. And know that this day that I am telling you that most of that is not going to happen inside the church. You’ve been looking for someone to validate you. You’ve been looking for someone to license you, to ordain you. And I tell you that this day I ordain you. I ordain you. You are My ministers and I send you out with cloven tongues of fire upon your head and in your mouth to preach My Word to the lost."

And the Lord would say to you, "That this is a day and an hour that I’ve called you to those that have not heard. I have called you come to preach My Word. I have called you to come and prophesy My Word. All you have to do is open your mouth and I shall fill it. You don’t have to know how to do it. The Holy Spirit of God inside of you knows how to do it. All you have to do is be obedient. To be My obedient people. I will give words of encouragement. Words of knowledge and prophesy. Know that this a time for you to come. To speak. To speak wherever you’re at. Even if it’s a word in a supermarket. It doesn’t matter where it’s at. Don’t think it’s too small a place. One person saved is important. One person not going to hell is important. This is a day and an hour I’m calling you to speak to the lost."

And the Lord would say to you, "That I am giving you a Spirit of prophesy to go forth and to speak to people who weren’t even looking and who weren’t even asking, but you saw on them that God had marked them and wanted them for the Kingdom. And you are going to speak a word to them in due season. And then they are going to want to know how did you know that? How did you know I was thinking that? How did you know I just thought that? But the Lord is going to use this. He is going to send you out to save those who aren’t even looking for Him. But before they were born, they were ordained to be part of God’s Kingdom."

And the Lord would say to you, "I have not pulled back My hand into those who are disobedient and gain saying. I have not decided it’s over and it is finished and only those who are saved are now worth worrying about. I have not turned My back on the lost. I am married to the backslider. And I am calling you this day to come into a love relationship with Me. That I can love the lost through you. I love to touch My people. And they are My people even if they don’t know Me and they don’t worship Me. They are mine and I am sending you to those that are mine. They don’t know they are mine, but you are to call them in. In a day and an hour, many are going to come into the Kingdom." Thus saith the Lord.