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Words in Due Season: Released into the Harvest
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"Released into the Harvest" Edit Text


Words given through Pastor Paula Baker

AUGUST 7, 2005


Acts 2

And the Lord would say to you, "That this is a day and an hour that I have called you to come into extraordinary power. It is a day to come into the dunamis. It is a day to release yourself to Me that I can begin to show signs and wonders through you. Through your hands and though your mouth. This is a new day. This is a new beginning. This is a day when Pentecost is fully come to you. This is a day when you are full of the Holy Spirit."

And the Lord would say to you, "That My Spirit is upon you. My Spirit is upon you for signs and wonders. My Spirit is upon you and you must release the Holy Spirit that is in you. To begin to speak with tongues. Begin to utter the most mysteries of the Most High God. This is a day to release that day of Pentecost that’s so bound up inside of you. It is contained and you must not contain it. It is a day to release it with joy."

And the Lord would say to you, "That I have scattered My remnant into many nations. I have scattered them into many cities and regions and costal lands. I have scattered them with a purpose. I have to take the Gospel to all of the nations. That all will hear the Good News of the Kingdom. That all will be imparted to the power of the Holy Spirit. I have sent you and scattered you and sent you afar. And I have called you as My own and I release you this day to reap a remnant in every place I’ve sent you."

And the Lord would say to you, "What it means is the wonderful works of the Living God has not been proclaimed from the housetops. They have been relegated to be kept inside churches. Kept inside of Christian television, Christian radio, and the Gospel was not meant to be kept inside Christian boxes. But was meant to be spread abroad to all of those, the heathen nations that have not come to know Me. Take the message of the Kingdom and preach it from the housetops. Tell it to everyone you know and they will find it an amazing thing."

And the Lord would say to you, "This is a day and an hour that you must go forth declaring that Jesus has been made Lord and Christ. Not only of your lives and not only in your church, but also of all the land and all the inhabitants of all the peoples. Jesus has been made Lord and Christ. The news has been kept in the dark. The news has been kept secret. The news has been held close and not shared with all. For people think that it is only for those that are righteous, pure and holy, that I have called to come to Me. But know that I have called the nations. I have called them just as they are. To come. To come. To come to Me. And I will receive them and no way cast any of them out."

And the Lord would say to you, "This is a day and an hour I wish to release the signs and wonders and miracles again. This is a day that I wish to release through your hand, through your spoken word. Signs and wonders and miracles that no man can deny that it took a God to do it. All you need to do is stretch out your hand to the sick, the lost, and the dying. All you need to do is speak a word in due season to those that are lost and dying and in need of help. And know that I’m going to perform My Word, because it is My joy to perform My Word over them that they might be healed, saved and delivered and set free."

And the Lord would say to you, "This is a day and an hour that I am calling the lost to come in. This is a day when I am adding to the church daily. This is a day where you will see the demonstration of the power of the harvest. You will see the harvesting angels coming to bring in the harvest of the lost. This is the day that I am releasing you to bring in the harvest. I will fill My churches. I will fill My temples. I will fill them full to capacity and to overflowing. Those that are hungry, come and taste and see that the Lord is good. Come and buy without money. Come and buy oil and wine and milk. Come and buy what you cannot buy with money. But come to Me and know this is a day you can come. You can request of Me and you can purchase the things that are needful to you in this day and hour. And know that I’m calling you. I’m calling you in power. You do not understand the power that resides in you. The Holy Spirit is in you. And He releases the dunamis power. That life-giving, resurrection power. And know that this day I’m going to come upon you as you begin to extend your hand to the sick, to the lost, to the lame, to the blind, and even to the dead. And I shall cause resurrection power to come into you. I shall cause it to flow into the one that you minister to . Only believe. Only believe and doubt nothing."