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Words in Due Season: "Doors & Keys"

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Words in Due Season Edit Text

"Doors and Keys"

Prophecy and Teaching by Pastor Paula Baker

Prophetic Word
The Lord would say to you, there are many doors that have been closed before you. There are times that you turned this way, and you turned that way, and you thought the door was opened to your left, and you thought the door was opened to your right, but it wasn’t. You thought the door was opened to go straight ahead, but it wasn’t. But the Lord says now the time is coming when you have come full circle and the doors that have been closed to you in the past are now opening to you. And even with a shout you shall blow open the doors of destiny that have been trying to block you from coming into the places that I have called you into, the places of the deep, and I will tell you when to give a shout and to blow open the doors, for I am calling you into the heavenly realm. I am calling you to come, even now into the places of Glory. I can impart My Glory to you, that I can give you new revelation and new understanding. And just watch as the doors swing open into your destiny.
There are doors in your life every day. There are doors and more doors. There are many kinds of doors. There are so many kinds of doors I didn’t even write them all down. I just started looking them up last night, just a few of them. Lets see, we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine doors that I wrote down, nine different kinds of doors to all kinds of things supernatural. And today I want to talk to you about those things just a little bit, because I don’t have sermon notes I just prophesy the sermons. So you know, I just. He gives me a scripture and I just prophesy. So I’m going to give you scriptures quickly, and we’re going to go through them quickly, of the doors, and you can go later and look up all these doors.
Psalm 87:23. The doors of heaven.
Job 38:17. The doors of the shadow of death. Did you know you could you could open the  door to death in your life? There are doors of the shadow of death and you’ll find that in Job 38:17.
Acts 14:27 talks about the door of faith. How many want more faith? There are doors of faith you can open and walk through, and there’s more faith than you have right now.
1 Corinthians 16:9. A great door and effectual is open to us. That’s what Paul prayed. That a great door and effectual be opened to him so that he could preach the Word of God. So there is a great door of effectual so that it has effect. That it causes things to happen. You know we’re coming into a time where we believe we should always pray the Word of God, but there are things in the Word of God we have not been praying. We’ve been praying some of those things, but we haven’t been speaking to the doors. Does the bible not say, speak to the mountain, and if you have faith as a mustard seed the mountain will rise up and be cast into the sea? We need to be speaking to the doors. We can close the door of death and open the doors of destiny. We can open the doors , the effectual doors, we can say the same thing that Paul said. Open unto me a great and effectual door so I can minister the Gospel.
2 Corinthians 2:12. A door of the Lord was opened unto me. So there is a door of the Lord. There are doors of the Lord that the Lord places, in certain places in your life, and He can open it for you. And there are times that when the door of the Lord is not open to you because you have not come into the place of maturity, but if you walk through the door of the Lord it might destroy you instead of help you. Great anointing cost you something, it cost you everything. I’ve been reading a little bit of Cal Pierce’s booklet on the healing rooms, because I believe we’re going to start a healing room here. We’ve had so many miracles and so many people healed of so many different things, I think we should have a whole session, a whole day of nothing but praying for the sick. You know that’s the work of the ministry. You know we have the power. Hey, we’ve got the power, come on, we need to be releasing it, and the signs and wonders, all right. But there have been times when we have not been willing to lay down the things that hinder us, you know. Family is not a bad thing. Doing good things is not a bad thing. Doing volunteer work. There’s a lot of things that sometimes we need to shift our priorities on and do something that God wants us to do, so we can open the doors of the lord in our lives.
Colossians 4:3 There is a door of utterance. Moses needed that didn’t he? I can’t talk God, I can’t talk. How many of us say, “oh Lord, don’t call me, I can’t talk in front of people. I can’t talk in front of two people”? People know I don’t need that one, they can’t get me to shut up. But there is a door of utterance that you can pray and ask for. A door of utterance, because a door of utterance is also opportunity to speak. Because you can speak, speak, speak, speak and speak to the walls, but till the walls ready to listen, your wasting your time. So you need to know the set time for utterance to come forth.
Revelation 3:8 “I’ve set before thee an open door and no man can shut it”. No man can shut it. He has set before you an open door, and many times we don’t go through the door because of fear. Sometimes we just fear. “Oh I might have to move. I might have to do this. I might have to change the way I think”. But nobody can shut it. Isn’t that awesome that God has set before you an open door that nobody can shut, it’s yours. But, you know what? There’s an open door right over there, but as long as I’m standing here I’m not going through it. There’s a lot of open doors in our lives that the Lord has set there that aren’t closed because we haven’t reached the place of maturity, but simply because we have to much. We don’t step into that place of destiny. Because we’re really afraid to minister and it has to do with fear.
Revelation 3:20, talks about mans door, the heart. “I stand at the door and knock”, and He’s knocking at our hearts. We even have a door in our own heart that we can leave closed, or we can open. We have a choice, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are constantly knocking on it, our hearts. Some times we say, ”I’m a little tired today, I think I’ll watch a movie. I’m a little tired today, I think I’ll get on the phone and talk to my sister for an hour. I need to just relax. I’m fasting so I’ll so I’ll watch the food channel”. Fast and watch the food channel. Yet someone says that you have time on your hands. That’s because your not shopping for groceries, cooking, washing dishes, so you watch the food channel.
Revelation 4:1. A door was opened in heaven. There are doors open in the heavenly realm and the people of God have got to learn to walk through them, and how to access them, and how to see them. You know, eyesight is a very awesome thing to have, but eyesight can keep you out of the supernatural. Your eyesight can keep you out of the supernatural sight. A lot of times if your in worship and you have your eyes open, and your having a wonderful experience, if you shut your eyes you may begin to see things in the spiritual realm that can be a blessing or can be prayed over. A lot of times our eye gates can be a hindrance because we use them so much. Our brains are computers and are constantly collecting data.  Sometimes we don’t even know that its collecting data. Have you ever walked into a place, walked into a store or restaurant, and you leave singing some stupid song you don’t even like? Where did that come from? Well , if you were paying attention, in that store or in that restaurant they were playing that song, and your computer like brain was picking all that up. You come out of there and the next thing you know, your singing one of their silly songs. You don’t even like that song. You don’t even agree with that song, so why are you singing, that song? Because your brain picked it up. So when we’re worshipping with our eyes open, when we’re going through our devotional time with our eyes open, we’re in that mode of the natural. Now most of us have visions that are internal and in our minds eye. Few of us have visions that are external where they’re open visions. The room disappears and you see something entirely different and your going awe, awe, awe, where did everyone go? That’s happened to me, but it doesn’t happen to me all the time. I have more visions and more insight when my eyes are closed.
So doors are open and it is time for the church of God to start to arise and enter those doors. There are promises, there are doors that have been opened for you. I see a door now in the spirit that is barred. It is shut and there is an iron bar across that door, and that is a door that has been set before us that the enemy has barred because he doesn’t want us to go through it. But in the name of Jesus I remove the iron bar and I (whoosh) blow open the door of the Lord. Because you know the lord wouldn’t bar a door to us. He may not open a door to us to us if we’re not ready to go through it, He won’t bar us from one. So I knew that was from the enemy.
The spiritual realm is a place where we need to live. Where the Holy Spirit is Spirit, and the Bible says that the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit is there is liberty. So if we don’t have liberty in places in out lives, then there are places in our lives we need to invite the Holy Spirit into so we can begin to live. See, most of us think we’re human beings having an occasional spiritual experience, and that’s just not true. We’re spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, because this body shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye and we shall go from glory to glory. And we will forever live with our Lord in a glorified body. He’s got to change it to fit the spiritual realm.
So most of the time we have little inklings and little clues, and we don’t follow them, and we don’t go on hunches with them. Just the other day I wanted to come back earlier from Arizona than was planned because our flight left at 20 to midnight to come home. So we flew all night, got in at 8 in the morning and I’ve been up for over 24 hours. So when I got up Thursday morning I had this little nudge, this little inkling to call the air line to see if there was an earlier flight that I could get on. A lot of the time if you change your flight in the same day, it doesn’t cost you very much if you do that, and I thought, well lets just, you know, there’s to many people traveling with me an we probably couldn’t get enough seats on that flight, so I just passed it off. About 3:30 Thursday afternoon I thought it’s a long time till 11:30 and I’m ready to go home. The conference is over, so I decided to call the air line, and so I called them, and of course when your calling an 800 number, they’re not in the same state you are. So I asked, is there a flight to Indianapolis earlier today than 11:30? He says let me check. Yes there is. There’s a flight leaving at 3:35 today, you can get on that one. I said, no I can’t, it’s 3:35 here and I’m 20 minutes from the airport. So I did not pay attention to the little nudge. You know the Holy Spirit knew I’d really like to get home a lot earlier that day than I planned, but I didn’t pay attention to that little nudge, why? Because we forget we’re more spiritual than human, and the Holy Spirit is not going to make you do something.
Isaiah 22:22. “The keys of the house of David will lay upon His shoulders, so He shall open and no one shall shut, and He shall shut and none shall open.” This is a key scripture for you for the next year. I thought that was very interesting that Fred had attended a meeting I couldn’t be at on Saturday the 12th, and the directions they gave him was Isaiah 22:22
Prophetic word
The Lord would say to you, I have given you the keys to the kingdom. I have given you the keys even over death, hell and the pit. I have given you keys to doors to open, and to shut, and you have not used the keys because you did not know that you possessed them. But I tell you children, I have put the very keys in your hand that you need. These keys are for set times, these keys are for set opportunities, and it is time now, it is the set time and it is the opportunity time now to begin to put the keys in the doors and turn the locks. And I would say to you that as you come into your inheritance, and as you come into a place of receiving the things I have destined for you to have, your going to begin to learn the timing of opening and shutting the doors. I’m going to speak to you in the night seasons and you shall have dreams for opening doors and dreams of closing doors, and when you have these dreams and in the dream when it’s a closed door, lock that door and keep the enemy out. And in the dream, when it’s an open door, take the key and open that door and no one can shut it against you. Your coming into a new time, and signs and wonders season that is going to be upon you, even in your families, even in your households there are going to be signs and wonders that are taking place in your homes with your children and in yourselves. Know that you are coming into a time of great trouble. You’re coming into a time where even your soul could be vexed and you could worry and wonder what is going to happen next. But I am standing here to tell you that you have been given the keys to open and shut the doors that no harm comes to you. Even as I gave My children in Egypt the blood to put over the doors to keep out the spirit of death, even so, I have given you keys to lock so that the shadow of death cannot come into your homes. Know this is a new time and a new season. This is a new season for reaping and reaping and reaping. The harvest you’re going to reap is in places you did not plant. Your going to reap in places you didn’t even know there was a harvest there. But I’m telling you that even on the streets, the people that are homeless and the drug addicts and the prostitutes are going to begin to come into the kingdom of God by the thousands. And they will be anointed and begin to preach the Gospel and will rise up in great ministries. Know that this is a time when I am taking the very least, the very smallest things, the most disrespected things in your country, and I shall raise them up into a place of authority, into a place of prosperity, and into a place of governing. And know I am going to cause a shift to come into your government. I’m going to cause a shift to come even though they say the rating is low, I’m going to bring it high, I’m going to change some things. I’m going to change some things in the Middle East. I’m going to rock their boat over there in the Middle East, and they are going to say, “oh, that must have been the hand of God.” Children, I tell you your not to worry, your not to be encumbered with burdens of worry. Because I did not give you that to carry, I’ve given you the keys. Look at your hands. Look at your hands, for the keys lay in your hands. I have placed in your hands 5 keys. 5 keys for 5 places to dominion in your life. You will learn, I will show you, I will teach you, the Holy Spirit will ignite you even to know when to burn the fire and turn the keys in the locks I have given you.
I’m going to give you a couple of scriptures about keys. One, two, three, four, five with Isaiah 22:22.
Matthew 16:19. The keys to the kingdom of heaven.
Luke 11:52. The keys of knowledge.
Revelation 1:18. The keys of hell and death.
Revelation 9:1. The keys of the bottomless pit.
Prophetic word
The Lord would say, every key that I have fashioned, I have given you access to. I do not hold any of these back from My children. They just don’t know they can access them, that they can use them, and yes you have authority over these keys. You have authority to open and shut these things. I want you to use the keys. Do not worry if something’s open when you shouldn’t, and shut when you shouldn’t, for I will help you reestablish the correct order I want it to go. Do not be afraid, go for it in faith. Rise up mighty army of God and take your keys for they are weapons of warfare.
Reading of scripture
Philippians 1:1-6
Prophetic word
The Lord would say to you, I have the completeness that you have been seeking. You have been seeking to punish your bodies by fasting and prayers, thinking you can make yourselves conform, but I am the one that completes you. I am the one that delivers you and sets you free. Just give yourself to Me each and every day and I will perfect you in a way that you cannot do on your own.
Philippians 1:7-27
Prophetic word
And the Lord would say to you that I am calling My entire body Of Christ in the whole entire earth to come into unity. To come into single mindedness, that they should be worthy of the calling of Jesus Christ that is upon them. That they should seek good and not their own. That they will lay down their denominationalism, sectarianism and all the things that divides, and realize that they are one body, one body, one body, and they have one spirit and they worship the one true God. I’m calling them to come now, I’m calling them to come in, even to run into My presence and watch the things I’m going to do in the next two years. Even with the unity of the body of Christ. Even though they have crossed denominational lines, and there have been great strides that have been made in this. Watch what I do in the next season, as I begin to mix and stir. Even as the baker bakes a cake. Even as the flavors go round and round, know that all the denominations are going to be blended together. I am going to bring out a sweet savor that tastes just like the Holy Spirit. As you rub against each other your going to transfer your anointings. Your going to transfer the sweet longings in your hearts, for all the denominations that love Me, cry out for Me, all want the same thing. But brothers and sisters, you have felt that there was a difference between you and them. But watch what I do in the next season as I begin to blend and mix, and blend and mix, and the signs and wonders shall begin to happen in places that they never thought they would happen. Even in places where they didn’t think they would allow it to happen. But watch what My Spirit will do in this next season. In this next season of mixing and mixing and mixing this batter until all the flavors are mixed into one and to Jesus Christ.
Philippians 1:28-30

Prophetic word
And the Lord would say there are things that you’ve gone through, there are things that you’ve experienced, that as you watch what I am going to do, I’m going to use those things to glorify Myself. I will use the hurts, I will use the diseases. I will use all the things that cripple you, that hinder you. I will use it to My glory, and the people will see Me manifested in what is going on with you. And though there are adversities that come against you and wish you to stop speaking in My name, you shall be granted more boldness and you shall speak in My name more than you ever have and you shall speak even to strangers.
In this day and hour I am giving the church My heart and My heart beat. My heart beat and all hearts, all the hearts of the saints shall beat together as one, with My heart, My heart, My heart. This says the Lord.