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Words in due season:" New Instructions By the Spirit "

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Words in Due Season

New Instructions By the Spirit.


Pastor Paula Baker

on January 25th 2007

And I say to you children that today I'm causing a brand new tree to grow.
I am sending the roots down deep and I am connecting you to the vine, to
the branches, to the trunk, to the root. Where you have been tossed to and
fro, even by the enemy, and the winds of challenge have been sent against
you, know that I'm going to bring you into a stable place. I'm going to
bring you into a rooted place where you can stand against the winds of
adversity because the winds of adversity are only beginning to blow toward
you, but I'm going to cause you to stand. I'm going to do a quick work.
I'm going to bring healing in your minds, in your spirits and in your
bodies because I have a great task for you and my body must be whole,
spirit, mind, emotions and body.

Know that I'm going to begin to speak to you about fasting, about prayer.
I'm going to begin to give you some understanding of the opposition that
you're about to confront. And as you stand and you follow me and you
listen to my instructions, the enemy shall flee; the enemy shall be
defeated and you shall step over the obstacles that he is now erecting to
stop you from advancing.

I am going to give you horses to ride in the spirit because you cannot go
fast enough by walking. But you shall begin to ride in the spirit with me
and I shall take you into the future and I will show the things that are
going to come; things that will alarm you, but things that will not stop

Prepare your hearts, children. Build your defenses against the enemy, and
guard your home. You must be diligent in your prayers because your
adversary is very angry at your success and he is coming to devour whom he
may devour. But I have prayed for you and I have prayed that you will
stand and not fall, I have prayed for your success. But you must stand
against fear; you may stand against weariness; and you must stand against
the enemy coming between you.

I'm going to begin to give you revelation. I am releasing a document that
will bring you great understanding of the enemy's plans and what you must
press towards. The price is high, the trophy is priceless, and I tell you,
you will win. But I also tell you that it will not be easy. It will take
fortitude, it will take commitment, it will take finances, and it will
take a strong praying army.

You must pray. You must pray harder than you've ever prayed, and you must
pray for one another. You must stand back to back so that the enemy cannot
sneak up on you. You must watch, you must watch. You must build with
weapons in your hand as I instructed Nehemiah to build the wall. And they
built it with weapons. They did not lay down their weapons. They had a
strategy, and I will be bringing you a strategy,

But know that your two weapons that you must not lay down are prayer and
the Word, the sword. With these you will defeat the enemy, but there will
not be much time for rest, not in this season, not if you want success.
But if you will not grow weary, if you will faint not, you will find the
victory isn't far off. Even though the battle will be intense, it will be
short: victory is yours. It has already been won. You must go towards it.
You must attain it. You must be willing to lay down everything, and I mean
everything to go towards this prize. You must count the cost and you must
know from the beginning that it will be costly.

There is no shame for those who don't go on and turn back. But for those
who will be fearless, who will keep their weapons while they build, there
will be great victory. I do not need a vast army. I only need a willing
army and one that will be obedient in the moment that I call.

I am sending you help; I am sending you reinforcements; I am sending
everything that you need to go forward with the vision. Go forward even
when it looks like you should stop. Go forward even when it looks like you
should back up. Because backing up is not an option. Go forward, go
forward. Step over the obstacles; step over the obstacles. Step over them;
go forward.

There are land mines that the enemy has planted and if you do not pray
about your stepping forward, you may step on one of those. I will show you
the exact placements of the land mines but you will only know them and
find them and see them in the spirit realm. You must pray. You must come
away. Be careful that the enemy doesn't make you so busy you have no time
to pray and you have no time to listen.

I am sending angels that are warring angels with instructions for battle,
instructions for advancement well in advance of the enemy. You must
receive those instructions. You must hear them and you must understand the
importance of them.
I'm gathering my army even now, and there are more with you than will be
against you, even though it will seem insurmountable at times. But know
that I am the God of the impossible and I will get all of the glory
because it isn't anything you could have done by yourselves.

I love you with an everlasting love. I'm guarding you and I'm keeping you.
Keep your ears open. Pay attention at all times in the spirit. Instruction
is coming piece by piece, instruction by instruction. Just follow the
instructions, follow my holy angels and you will succeed quickly.