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Words in Due Season: "The Nation Aglow"

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Words in Due Season

"The Nation Aglow"

A Vision for 2006

(given to and interpreted by)

Pastor Paula Baker

In my seeking the Lord for a vision of 2006, He gave me one, but it took a while and different avenues to bring me to understand the elements of it.

Looking to the east across my yard one morning I see a rectangular light rising up on the horizon, and rising into the sky about the same place the sun would rise if it were April. I think to myself, what’s a light doing out in our field? Only it continued to rise, and hung suspended in the air over the eastern edge of our property.

Then suddenly, I was rising into the air myself, and moving east. Before I could think about it, I wasn’t over Rochester, I wasn’t even over Fort Wayne, I was over Pennsylvania slowing down for Washington D.C., and there off the coast line of the Eastern Seaboard of our country was this intensely bright light that was several hundred miles high and wide. I was positioned at the top edge of the light so I could see the panorama of the nation all lit up and glowing. The light was even shining into Canada and Mexico.

My first understanding was that this was the light of Jesus our Lord. I noticed the light shined into and covered the nation. Then I see it spotlight Indiana, and again shining into and covering it. The light narrowed down and shined into and on our region and communities, then highlighting Rivers of Living Water. Then, without knowing when, where, or how, I was again in my back yard and the light was shining into and on me, danced around our property and then was gone.

The understanding took a while, but I believe part of it was an answer to all the doom and gloom crowd. God looks at the United States just as He would you or I. We are one of His children that He created, and so is this nation one of His creations, one of His children. He may not be beaming with pride at this time in our history, but He is smiling, for He knows we are a very important part of His end time plans for the world. I definitely believe that this nation has not seen it’s finest hour. It is yet to come.

Another thing I saw in the light, that was something similar only much bigger, and that was the giant score board, or the giant screens that flash the cheers and expletives that keep the fans hyped up at a football or baseball game. The light was flashing YEAR OF OPPORTUNITY. YEAR OF COMPLETION. YEAR OF NEW BEGINNINGS. YEAR OF FULLFILMENT. YEAR OF TOTAL FULLFILMENT. AWESOME YEAR. These were things that other ministries had also envisioned for the new year.

I view the light as a preview of the coming of the Glory and what it might be like. Here’s another prophetic word that just blended and melted into my own. It wasn’t mine but it should have been, because I truly believe this could begin to happen in this next year.

"There will be times when the Glory cloud falls and completely fills a church. It will boil out the door of the church and go all over the neighborhood. People will be standing out in the streets and won’t be able to see one another. It will glisten and be so glorious that people will see sickness and disease running off of they’re bodies. It is a time that we’ve all been praying for. So rejoice and enjoy it says the Father, because I do all things for you to enjoy. So have fun in the Glory and heal the sick and raise the dead and go with Me and see if you can stay up with Me says the Lord."