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Word for 2006: "The year of Fulfillment and completion"

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Word for 2006


"2006: A year of fulfillment and completion"

We have in the Church teachings another example of the Church following after the secular worldview and understanding of scripture and things concerning it, rather than the spiritual and Hebrew understanding. Much of the Church views numerology as occult and is very fearful of venturing into it, but it is a viable study of numbers. The thing that separates it from other religions use of numerology is that it is only viable in Hebrew and Greek. So with a little Godly knowledge we are going to look at the number 6. The Church teachings and Bible teachings.

The Church says that the number 6 is the number of man. Revelation 13:18. Kevin Conner says that 6 is the number of man, beast, satan and the antichrist. E.W. Bullinger makes it a little more interesting in that he say that 4+2 is man’s world with enmity with God brought in. 5+1 is the grace of God made none effect by man’s addition to it. 7-1 is man’s coming short of perfection. According to all that is taught, there is nothing good about man, so how can 6 be a good number? Scriptures like Genesis 6:5 and 8:21, Jeremiah 17:9 lend themselves to this understanding. But the Bible teaches something entirely different.

We need to look at what the meaning of the word 6, or six is. One of the reasons that the Hebrew and Greek can be used in numerology is because they use the alphabet for numbers also. This can only be traced back in the Hebrew to between 145 and 135 BC. That this is the earliest it is found historically, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t used earlier, they just haven’t found anything to prove it before Simon Maccabee.

Strong’s Concordance was the best source of information for word meanings.

8337 Shesh pronounced shaysh, OR Shishah pronounced shish-shaw, related to 7797

7797 is Suws pronounced soos, OR Siys pronounced sece a primary root. To be bright, cheerful—be glad, be greatly glad, joy, make mirth, rejoice.

This is a far cry from the wicked heart of man. How can there be such discrepancies in understandings. Now let’s see what God and the Word have to say about it. I find the law of first use always interesting, and this is no exception. I believe the law of first use for 6, or six, becomes the Law of Six.

Genesis 1L24-31 is the sixth day of creation, and the creation of man finds that God only gave.  He gave man the power of fruitfulness, multiplication.  The power to subdue and dominate; the power to receive and possess, and increase was given.  The supernatural is involved with the number 6.  The supernatural has to be involved beause of the personal involvement of God in all of this.

Genesis 7:6 & 11 shows the increase and change of direction that Noah received at his 600th year.

Exodus 16:5 & 26 & 29 the same principle that 6 brings more, even double. They picked up twice as much manna on the 6th day and moving on into something greater on the 7th day.

Exodus 20:8-11 again lends itself to the understanding that 6 is preparation for something concerning 7. 7 is the number of God, meaning perfection and completion. The Sabbath was God’s day and the completion of the week.

Exodus 23:10-12 Shows the same thing only in years. The increase was doubled, probably tripled to sustain them through to the 7th and 8th years.

Dueteronomy 15:12-18. A Hebrew slave who had served a master for 6 years was to be set free by the 7th year, and abundantly provided for before he or she left, and if the slave owner did that, God would abundantly bless him.

Joshua 6:3 finds Joshua and Israel by the 7th day rising up to tremendous domination and increase.

1 Kings 10:18-20. King Solomon ruling his kingdom from the 6th step, ruled with great wisdom and increase. The richest man who ever lived, all from the 6th step.

Ezra 6:15 finds that in the 6th year of Darius’ rule, the temple was finished and Hebrew worship was restored.

Genesis 31:41. The summation of all the 31st chapter is Jacob having enough of Laban. "Laban, I have served you 7 years for Leah, 7 years for Rachel and am in the 6th year of serving you for the cattle. I am taking my increase and leaving. You’ll not cheat me any more, I’m taking my law of six blessings and going home."

Matthew 17:1 Jesus waits 6 days then takes the disciples up the mountain to a vision if the heavenly Jerusalem. This is a type of 6 days and the Sabbath, or 6th millenniums and the Sabbath millennium. The rapture takes place at the end of the 6th millennium. Jesus gave them a taste of the rapture.

Luke 1:26. Jesus was conceived in the 6th Hebrew month.

Luke 1:36. It was also Elizabeth’s 6th month of pregnancy, and John the Baptist received the Holy Spirit at that time hearing the voice of his Saviors mother.

John 2:1-1. Jesus’ supernatural ministry started with the number 6. There were 6 pots of water changed to wine, His first miracle. It may be also that this was the 6th day of the wedding feast. It would seem very unusual to run out of wine much earlier than this. That might have been seen as being just a little too frugal.

Steve Munsey’s dream

God gave Steve Munsey, from Munster Indiana, a dream in which He told Steve about the law of 6. God’s word to him was that the Spirit of the law of 6 would be in vogue this whole year. There would be increases in fruitfulness, empowerment and authority. The Spirit of increase would be on the believers in those areas to reclaim and take back what had been stolen in all areas, health, relationships, finances and spiritual things. It would be double portions and like nothing ever experienced before, but there will be heavy resistance to the law of 6. There will be a counter resistance to the increase and reclaiming of lost territory. The devil won’t give up things without a fight. So, in order to receive all these blessings, we’ll have to fight for them and take them, but they’re ours for the taking. The Church is going to suffer a great increase of attacks from the left, as if they haven’t done enough, and terrorism worldwide will be increased against us. The Church has to take the authority given to it and stand up united against these groups and governments and do their own resisting. It will take sacrifice. Sacrifice is required to receive, and the law of 6 is no exception. David learned to understand the law of 6.

2 Samuel 6:13. When those who bore the ark of the Lord had gone six steps, David gave a sacrifice.

Matthew 13:11-13. If we learn what the mysteries are and the answers to them, we can receive, but if we don’t, we won’t. What’s the answer to the mystery of receiving?

Luke 6:38. Giving, sacrifice is the way to receive. Planting seeds, Because if there are no seeds planted there won’t be a harvest.

This year should be a very good year and a few more after it also. 2006 is the 6th year of a new century. It’s also the 6th year of a new millennium. That means everything is brand new, just like starting all over again. If the things of God are new every morning, why wouldn’t that be true for a new century or millennium?

2007 should be a very good year also. 7 means completeness, perfection. To be full, satisfied and have enough.

2008 should be another good year, because 8 means resurrection and new beginnings. To super abound, or one that abounds in strength. To make fat, or cover with fat. Oil, fertility, super abundance. A super abundant number.

2009 could possibly be 4 good years in a row, but yet it could go either way. 9 means fullness and completeness, but it also means judgment. It’s the final number, only 1-9 are used. The numbers 9 and 6 are very interesting because they can be used in multiples and connections that none of the other numbers have. Take 3X3, it represents the perfect movement of the Spirit of renewal. Also remember that judgment means harvest, not God out to get you. If you plant good seeds you’ll get a good year 2009, but plant bad seeds and you get a bad harvest. That’s judgment.

2006 added up also gives us a compounding of good. 8 as we’ve seen is a super abundant number. 2 can be good, and it can be bad. 2 means unity or division, divine or satanic. Harmony or contrast. According to E.W. Bullinger 1 with 1= witness, unity. 1 against 1= separation, division. 20 and 200 are numbers of expectancy. Double of 10 0r 100. 2006=8 with high expectation.