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Words in Due Season: Word for ROLW from Sharon W

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Words in Due Season

Word for Rivers of Living Water Worship Center
spoken through Sharon Wachowiak
January 28, 2006


I say to you both, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus Christ. There is a wind coming that is mightier than you’re expecting. I know you have been prophesied for revival to come to this place and I know that it is true, but I am telling you the wind is bigger and mightier than what you’re thinking in your head. And that which you have cried out for. That which you have danced for. That which you have prayed for is coming very soon. And it will blow you away. The size and exponential increase that God is going to give you not only in your finances, but in the people that are coming and the people that want to hear. And you have cried out for this Royal Center, Indiana and the surrounding territory. And the Lord says, "Even now I have a whisper in the ear of those who do not know Me." And I am saying, "Come to Me! Come to Me!" For I hear the prayer of My saints in this place and I say to you I am a God of a whisper out there and they will begin moving in this hour to hear the Gospel and what I have done for them. For I say to you, "You have been faithful in all that I have called you to do. And I am saying that faithfulness requires an act from your Holy God and I would say that this act is even now on the table. And it shall surely come to pass even greater than what you could think.