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Words in Due Season: The Praise of His Glory

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Words in Due Season

"The Praise of His Glory"

Pastor Paula Baker
February 19, 2006

And the Lord would say, there are those of you that have cried out to Me even in the darkness.  Even in those times alone that you have cried out and you have said, “Where are you God and why have you not moved in my circumstances?  I have seen the salvation of the righteous many times.  But I am here and I am waiting for you to deliver me out of all my afflictions.” 
And the Lord would say to you, that I am coming to you in great power, that I will demonstrate My healing power, My deliverance power, My revelation power.  I will show it strong in you and through you.  I have not forgotten you.  I have not misplaced you.  I have not lost you, but I have watched, and I have watched your heart.  I have watched how you have longed for Me.  And I am coming to you.  I am coming to you in great power.  And know, that I am going to touch you, and I am going to change you.  And things will not be as they were.
Eph. 1:1-14   “. . . to the praise of His glory.”
And the Lord would say to you that you are the praise of My glory. You are the thing that I love the most for you are the one that I have come and even sent a Savior for.  You are the one that delights in My Love and in My heart.  You are the one that wants to draw close to Me.   And you are the ones that I have come to set free.
And know that I am bringing things upon this Nation that shall set many free.  Even though the things may look like they are trying to shut down My power,  know that that is not going to happen.  For I shall have My way in America.  I shall have My way in the earth.  And know, that I am going to use you to bring about My glory.   I am going to set you on fire so that you will glow with My glory and I am going to send you into all the places in the earth.  And I am going to send you to one at a time.  And I am going to send you to two at a time.  And I am going to send you to multitude as they begin to gather to seek my glory.
Know that this is a day and an hour that I am calling you to come into revelation Power.  This is a time and an hour for you to begin to draw away and being to listen, and listen, and listen, to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.  For I am causing you to rise up as a mighty army of prayer, and to begin to pull down the strongholds in your Nation.  Know that the Glory of the Lord shall cover the earth as the water covers the sea.   And that the Glory shall be made manifest and the Glory shall show through you.  And Yes, I have chosen the mundane things of the earth.   I have chosen those that the world would call foolish to begin to show My Glory.  For know, that I have called you and I have chosen you.  And I will release My Glory through you.
Know that, Yes, I love you with an Everlasting Love.  And know that I have called you into power.  And I have called you into the Kingdom for such a time as this.  I am now beginning to release my Esthers.  I have placed you in many places in the earth.  I have hidden you away in very little places where nobody even knows your name.   But know that this next season I am bringing out the Esthers.  And I am going to destroy the Hamans.  I will expose the plots and I will use my Esthers again.  Thus saith the Lord.