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Word for 2006: Keys to the House of David

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Words in Due Season

"Keys to the House of David"

2006 by Pastor Paula Baker

Isaiah 22:22  "The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulders so he shall open and none shall shut and he shall shut and no one shall open". 

That is a key scripture for you this year.  It is yours. Jesus gave us the keys to the kingdom, but we're not usijg them.  Okay?  And He's going to give you ways and keys to open doors and close doors and nobody is going to be able to reverse what you did.  Okay?  You're going to set it.  Your key verse for your personal word for you yourself to get where you're suppose to go to arrive at your destiny is Matthew 6:33.  "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you." 

This is the year when you have to lay your plans down and work for the kingdom.  Don't build your ministry. Don't build your business.  Don't build your family.  Don't build anything except the kingdom of God.  Seek the kingdom of God first.  Seek it.  Seek it.  Seek it.  And everythijng else you wanted you're going to get.  But this will be a year of Matthew 6:33.  I mean, I know you know it.  I mean you just know these scriptures, but this is going to be a year where when you seek to build the kingdom.  When you seek His kingdom.  When you seek His righteousness then the things that have been prophesied to you; the things that wil be prophesied to you, will come to pass. 

This is going to be a year of fullness.  A year of completion.  And it's going to be a fast thing.  It's going to be a fast thing.  So if you're willing to lay down your life, die to self, and begin to seek the kingdom of God, to build the kingdom of God, then everything else you want is going to be there.

This is a year of doors.  Some to open and some to shut.  There have been doors that have not been opened to you.  They're going to open up to you this year.  there are doors that have been opened that shouldn't have been opened.  They need to be closed.  There are just things in your life that need to be completed.  They need, there's a .... sometimes a door gets opened that shouldn't have been opened, but that's okay.  It's not a problem for God.  Just get the door shut and let's get on with building the kingdom.  There are doors of opportunity this year.  There will be doors of opportunity for the wise.   And the fearless ones will go through the doors.  There's going to be all kinds of opportunities that are going to come this year.  There's going to be business opportunities.  There's going to be investment opportunities. 

But those who are fearful are not going to go through these doors.  And the wise will recognize the doors anf if they don't have fear they'll be able to go through them.  There's going to be spiritual doors that are going to open in different regions of the world.  Different places, not just in America, but different place all over the world.  There's going to be doors, spiritual doors that are swung open wide and there's going to be lots of places like Brownsville and you know, and Toronto.  And God wants to do this.  And He's going to do this in some really funny places.  He's going to do it to some little out-of-the-way places where nobody knows it.  He's just going to open some doors and there's going to be thin places where heaven and earth, the distance between heaven and earth is so thin that heaven can come down and kiss earth.  But it's just going to be just a glorious, glorious time.  And the glory's going to be there and the manifest presence is going to be so tangible that you can see it and feel it.  And many miracles, signs and wonders will happen.  There we go.  Another signs, wonders and miracles.

There have been some stories in the news in the last year about ocean liners and different things have happened.  Some people were sick on them.  We had some people sick on them and man  disappeared off of one and thye still don't know what happened to him.  But, the Lord told me, you're going to hear some more stories this year about ocean liners.  I don't know what that means, but what you need to do is to begin to intercede for the ocean liners, because there's an assignment against them.  There's an assignment to destroy their business.  There's an assignment against those who take them.  Who take the cruises.  There's an assignment out there.  So knowing that this isn't over, that things we've heard about ocean liners, it's not over.  So we need to really be in prayer about that.

Terroists attacks are going to increase.  They are going to strike in places that they have not struck in before.  This is aimed at keeping everybody nervous and off balance and fearful.  I think you saw some of that with what happened in London, but there's going to be some other places.  And the attacks are going to be frequent and they are going to's like .."Why in the world did they bother to go there and blow that up?"    It's to cause fear.  The enemy wants to release fear and us's like if you have an enemy that's coming straight at you, you can brace yourself for that enemy.  But if you feel like...aaaaaaaaa...and you just have to keep bouncing around cause you don't know where that enemy is, okay.  And that's what they want to do.  They want to get everybody looking in fifty million directions to make sure that all of the intelligence agencies cannot keep up with them.  This is to throw confusion and to keep them thinking, "Oh, my gosh!"  So they can't concentrate on the real threat.  Although, those are real threats and real people will be hurt.  So again, another prayer assignment for you.  We need to be really praying for these and that they are stopped.  That the information is gathered out of it that needs to be gathered.  That this will be stopped.