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Words in Due Season: Faith Power

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Words in Due Season

"Faith Power"

OCTOBER 23, 2005
Pastor Paula Baker
The lord would say to you that this is a day and an hour when I’ve called you to come up into faith power. I’ve called you to pull up and pull down the strongholds in your mind. Pull up the faith of the Spirit that is so deep within you.
I’ve called you to a new level of faith. I’ve called you to walk in dunamis power. Dunamis power is activated by faith in My ability to use you and work through you. Don’t you know that every seed of doubt and unbelief that is planted in you is planted in you by the enemy? That you can pull out those weeds that have been planted in you by the enemy, and that you can sow faith into yourself when you speak faith, when you speak the Word of God.
When you allow Me to speak through you through prophesy. When you allow Me to speak to you My Word, you will find faith being sown in your very being. Know that what is sown in you is what you will walk out, and that you must pull out the tares that is among the wheat that is inside of you. That your harvest will not be bitter and sweet coming out of your mouth. The only thing that will come out of your mouth is what is planted in you by the Word of God, by the Word of Prophesy and by My Spirit.
Know that the evil man has come to speak into you persuasive words, and words of man’s wisdom. Both of these seed have been planted in you. Know that this is the time you must begin to rake out the evil seeds that are planted inside your spirit.
Know there is a time coming you will have to have faith to walk on the water, to calm the storms, raise the dead and do My works. Know that that day is coming and that it shall not tarry, and that you must now begin to replace the seeds of doubt and unbelief with seeds of faith. I tell you now that you are to call on Me for great faith, or to ask Me to give to you a gift of faith, and to ask Me to anoint you with faith above all your brethren, because no matter how big you can believe, I am bigger than what you can believe. You have sought for great faith at times, then you laid it down. This is not a weapon that can be laid down, but great faith, the gift of faith must be wielded with your sword. For in the Word of God the sword, is the Word of faith, it is the gift of faith and a very powerful tool. It is like a very shiny bright light that cuts through between the bone and the marrow and the joint. Know that you are going to have to come up into new levels, to walk where I’ve called you to walk. Know that you cannot stay where you are, but that you must come up in faith. You must have your faith every day, from the moment that you get up to the moment you lay down, even in your sleep your faith must be activated.
Know that I am going to cause a stir in the heavenlies. There’s going to be some signs in the heavenlies, and that these signs are going to remind you about faith. They’re going to remind you to press into Me. To lay down and let your life be crucified with Christ.
Know that if you are going to hold your own plans dear to your heart, and that you are not willing to lay down every plan that you have, I will not be able to see it through for you. It is only the things that you give Me that I can hold for you. It is only the things you let go of that I am able to bring back to you.
Know that this is a time to lay down your plans. This is the time to pickup My mantle of faith. This very day I am releasing a mantle of faith in this room. If you would reach up and take the mantle of faith it will be given to you. If you will reach up and allow Me to place on you the mantle of faith, I will place it upon you. I will give you words on due season. I will give you places of importance to go to release My Word. As the mantle of faith comes on you now, it is not only the faith of one man or one woman, or one revival, but it is the faith of many. It is the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ that comes on you now, and I release it to you this day. I release today the gift of faith, great faith, the mantle of faith. Use it, use it, use it. Even if you pray and see nothing happen, don’t stop praying for the next person, or the next time, but use your mantle of faith. Use it and you will see the Glory of God released on you in a brand new way.