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Words in Due Season: "Rushing Wind is Blowing"

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Words in Due Season

"Rushing Wind is blowing"

Word of the Lord Spoken through
Sheryl Baker
January 6, 2006
And the Lord says, "Get Ready, for I am about to manifest myself in that place. Hold on, for a mighty rushing wind is blowing forth. For today I am declaring a new thing for My covenant people. The Lord says, "I am not rushing by but am turning, slowly and thoughtfully, considering all the ways of My people. It's a collection process and I am collecting them from the ends of the earth and when I am fully satisfied I am going to lift them to higher heights.
The enemy believes that My people are locked in place(s) and cannot
escape from situation(s), He believes that they are vulnerable and
unprepared. Some of them are bleeding regularly and some of them carry heavy burdens upon their necks, and even some are entangled in worldly affairs, but I the Lord know the place(s) where I have called them. I have, right now, many dispatches that I am prepositioning around the globe in preparation for My visitation.
The enemy believes that he has My people locked in and headed in his
direction but I am about to manifest on behalf of My people. Job(s) will appear where there were no openings, financing will be handed over in large sums, doors will open, weights will come off, and worldly
entanglements will dissolve, and I will transform the situation in a Day
- and My people will say, "God has made a way where there was no way!

Get Ready!"

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