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Words in Due Season: Diligence

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Words in Due Season

"Diligence will see you through"

Word of the Lord Spoken through
Sheryl Baker
January 6, 2006
And the Lord says, " Keep working, keep working, keep looking, and
searching, your diligence will carry you through to My Promises. He who sits on the throne will carry them to completion. Satan is not happy with your progress but he is an intimidator and threatener of My Chosen Ones. Stay aware and stay covered in My Word.
Your daughter is mine and loves to explore Me in different ways, do not be concerned if she is a little messy and do not worry about getting yourself soiled because of her, simply give her a little assistance every now and then and she will grow in wisdom before her years. You know exactly how to tuck your daughter into My Word, and you know how to stand your ground, as well as seek council and support from others but be warned that there is a large number within My Body who can no longer hear my voice appropriately because the enemy is droning on and on and they have become so familiar with his voice that they can longer hear Mine appropriately, yet they scurry around busily working towards a kingdom not My Own. They are caught up in works, they are passionate, hard-working, well meaning but they are wrong.
It is critical in this hour that you know your place, where you came
from and how to get back there. There is a door of revelation in this
hour in THAT place and a great awakening will occur which will cause the people who only stay on one side of the door to once again enter into their destiny calls. They will begin searching and working according to My Voice. If I haven't declared it, then it is not so," saith the Lord, "On that Day, the enemy will be a spectator to the miraculous things that I will bring forth through My People - The Glorious Ones!"