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Words in Due Season: "A Place of Impasse"

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Words in Due Season

"A Place of Impasse"

Pastor Paula Baker
JANUARY 15, 2006

The Lord would say to you that you’ve come to a place, you’ve come to a place of impasse. You’ve come to a place where you don’t know whether to go to the right or go to the left, but you’ve come to a place of impasse. But this is a day when you will know which direction you are to go.
Know that I am calling you to come into divine order, I’m calling you to link up and to join up and come into My presence. I’m calling you into a mightier and bigger army of Mine says the Lord. I have an army that is scattered. I have an army that is fragmented. I have an army that there are some here and some there, and there are some that are different and in little groups. But know that this is a time and hour when I am calling My army to link arms and come together and possess the land.
Know that the impasse that is in front of you is only so that you know to only ask Me which direction you are to go next, for I will make your direction sure. I will make it clear and you will know in which direction you are to march. I am calling My army over all the face of the earth to come into agreement, to come into alignment, to link up.
You are going to begin to see many different denominations coming together. You are going to begin to see many different streams in ministry coming together, and those who did not fellowship together before, are going to fellowship together now. Know that I am doing a new thing. I am bringing harmony where there has been disharmony. I am bringing unity where there has been disunity, and I am bringing clarity where there has been confusion.
Know that this is going to be a year of turmoil, and that there is going to be things that would make you shake and quake, but know that you can stand sure, you can stand sure, you can stand sure. When the wind is blowing about know that I‘m going to protect you from the destruction.
But know this also, that this is the finest hour for the Church. As I begin to bring you into the place of the Spirit, as I begin to bring you into the true baptism in the Holy Spirit where you will walk in power and in the things I’ve ordained for you to do from before the foundation of the world. You will walk in it this year.
Know that this is going to be a time of rain, but it’s going to be a time of My rain, a time of the former and the latter rain coming together. And I will bring a deluge of My Spirit upon this earth and you will begin to see those signs and wonders. Know that those signs and wonders are going to come through those that you would not think they would come through, for I have chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. I have chosen to pour out My Spirit upon all
flesh, and you’re going to see it increase, even in the cultic powers, because they also will increase and you will know that this is a sign as they begin to say what is to come. And know that their prophesies will only be half truths, that their prophesies will be half lies. Know
that many will begin to follow them and listen to the voice of the occult and listen to the voice of the physics. There’s going to be many of them on television, but I have called My children to take the airways.
As I have called My children to rise up in power, I am opening the mouths of the prophets this day and this hour, that they will speak the full truth, and that there will be nothing that will be hidden from My friends as I begin to do a thing in the earth. Know that this
is an opportunity for you to move into radio and television. This is an opportunity for you to begin to speak the messages that I give you on cassette tapes and CD.  Begin to send them, begin to send the Word, because My Word will not return void. Know that what I have sent it to do it shall perform it, is performing it and will continue to perform. This is a new day and a new hour for the Church. This is a time to rise up in My power. This is a time to prophesy even to the lost and bring in the harvest that I destined for you to bring in. Know that I am locking the doors to the enemy so that he cannot come against you. I have put a restraint on him. I have said to him, “you can go no farther.” Just as I did with Job, I left him some leeway, yet I set a
boundary. So know that I have set a boundary on the enemy. There’s only a certain place he can go and no farther.
Church be bold, be bold, be bold and go forth and do mighty exploits. For I have called you, I have ordained you and I have sanctified you to do mighty exploits in My name, for I shall go with you everywhere that you go. I will show in signs and wonders confirming My Word
that is in you. I will perform it, I will lead you and I will bring you into this new place, says the Lord.
The Lord says that the enemy is coming to test you. When you said I promise to do this, I will do this, I won’t do this. You’ve made a sacrifice, or there’s promises He’s given that you are standing on, but you have not seen the complete transformation of them or the complete fulfillment of them. You’re on the verge of receiving them. The things that have been promised, the things you have fasted for. The things you have promised God, and the things you have
covenanted with God for, you are about to receive. The Lord says that you shall now enter into a time of testing to see if will stand firm and wait to receive your reward. Some of the things you’ve been standing for you’ve been standing for a long time, and your about to receive them, so stand firm against him.
Hebrews 11:1
There are so many things I want to show you, there are so many things you do not see because your eyes have scales on them. This is a time and an hour  I desire to remove the scales from your eyes so that you can see into the Spirit realm clearly. So that you will know what is coming, and you will know what to do, then you will see what side the enemy is coming from.
Hebrews 11:2-6
The Lord would say to you, you have sought Me and that this is a time to go deeper. This is a time to press in more. This is  a time to ask for revelation. I have a desire to pour out revelation on My children and those that listen to Me. This is a time to go deeper, deeper, deeper in Me. Stretch your faith, let your faith grow in Me. Give Me your faith and I will make it grow. I will make it grow and it will become large, your faith will become large.
Hebrews 11:7-16
The Lord would say, not only have I prepared a heavenly city for you, but I have prepared cities in the earth realm for you to take dominion over. I’ve given you dominion, I’ve given you the keys of the kingdom. I’m telling you, I am preparing whole cities to come under the dominion of My children.
Hebrews 11:17-23
The Lord would say to you that this is a day and an hour I’m calling you not to be afraid of the kings command. Not to be afraid of the judges that rule unjustly. And not be afraid of the decreases that are made, the laws that are made to bring you into a place of judgment just as Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego. Where they were told they could not pray to their God, and they bowed down and they prayed. As I delivered them from the fire I will deliver you from the unjust
Hebrews 11:24-30
The Lord would say to you, I am giving divine prayer strategies to bring down the walls of division between My Churches. To bring down the walls of division between organizations and between denominations, and even between the races. Know that this is going to be a year when I called the walls to come down. And as I give you divine strategies, and divine strategies, and divine strategies, use them, use them, use them to come into a place to bring down the walls of Jericho that divide My people.
Hebrews 11:31-33
The Lord would say to you, I am giving you that power. I’m giving you that power to stop the mouths of lions. I’m giving you the power to come against the kingdom of darkness, to use the Sword of the Spirit in a new way, in a new way that you pray. Know that I have given you a new unction of the Holy Spirit so you’ll know when to pull down, when to root out, when to destroy and when to build.
Hebrews 11:34-40
The Lord would say to you that there’s a time coming again of martyrdom in the body of Christ. There’s coming a time of testing and trials even in America where you have not been tested to the
point of shedding blood. But know that the antichrist is moving and wishes to snuff you out which is to remove the Lamp Stand that I set in the middle of this country. But know that even though martyrdom will happen in America, they shall not be able to down My rule, and they shall not be able to wipe out My name. I am the God that gives life, and I am the creator of the universe. I am the one who will say what the ransom of the redeemed shall be. And until there is a full
harvest on this earth there shall not be total destruction. Know that I am going to give strength, and yes there will be miracles, those that will escape torment and those that will escape martyrdom, but there are those that will not.
Know that when this happens that they have chosen to come with Me and battle on this side. And know I am coming, I am coming, I am coming to fight this battle, I am coming to win this battle and I am coming to establish My kingdom in this earth.