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Words in Due Season: Evangelism

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Words in Due Season


Pastor Paula Baker
 And the Lord would say to you that I have said and I have released my command that you would go into all the world. Some of you have not yet gone to the neighbors, you have not gone yet to your neighborhoods, and you have not gone yet to your city, your county, your state. You have not bowed down before me and asked me for souls. You have not yet had a burning in your heart that could not be quenched for the lost.
But I am coming to you today as the Lord of salvation and I’m going to release to you today a fire, a baptism for revelation on salvation of souls.  I’m coming in a new way to you, I’m coming because the days are short and the times are coming when there will be those who will no longer listen to the invitation. You must carry out My word, you must carry out My plan, and I am sending you now even to the nations.