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New Prophetic Word Over Women July 2010
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There Is Hope America 

The Lord says, "Women are rising to the forefront, women are rising to the top. Watch as I place My women in key offices in the government of America, as well as key offices in the governments of other nations.
I will put My women in these key offices to bring about the necessary changes I have planned for these countries.
My women already know how to make something out of nothing, they already know how to balance a budget, they already do without for themselves in order to supply the needs of others. These women will hear my plans and follow them, they will form a network across this country linked together because of their love for Me and their country. America these women are your hope.
Be brave My women and run for office, every office, nothing is to small. I am pouring out My favor on My women. Some of you will become famous, some of you will work tirelessly behind the scenes but all of you I will empower to bring the change that you have cried out to Me for. Yes, there is hope America".

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