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Words in Due Season "Who is God and Who is Not"

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Words in Due Season

"Who is God and Who is Not"

Words given through Pastor Paula Baker

May 1, 2005


Scripture: Romans 8

And the Lord would say, "These have tried to usurp My place in the earth as the authority or who is God and who is not. Know that I am bringing down those who claim to know who God is and claim to know the truth. And know that I am removing the Taliban. That I shall break and destroy this band to pieces and they shall be history, but they shall not be the future. And know that I shall establish My rule in Afghanistan, in Iran and Iraq and Syria. Know that I am going to become known as the God of these places. Know that My Spirit is about to break forth on the earth in unexpected places. In unexpected countries. In places where they thought and said it was impossible for God to move here. I declare to you today that I am going to move upon this earth as it is written in Joel 2. And I am going to pour My Spirit upon all flesh. All flesh. And those things that are against Me shall be destroyed. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken. And know this, that I am getting ready to orchestrate an awesome thing in the Middle East. Watch what I’m about to do to bring the Holy Spirit into rulership over these countries. I’m about to do an amazing thing".

And the Lord would say to those of you who I have called to move that there is a movement going on in the Spirit and that you must shift. You must move from the place that you are in so you can reach your destiny. Know that I’m saying today is the day of shifting. Today is the day of moving. Today is the day of coming into a new place. A new realm in the Spirit. And I say to you today, "Shift and move. Do not stay where you are. The pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night is going to move and if you do not move with Me you will miss the revival. You will miss what I’m going to do. So be prepared. Be prepared. Things will not be as usual anymore."

There are things coming on this earth. There are perilous times ahead of us. I am prophesying to you that the suffering of this present time doesn’t seem very much fun, but it is profitable to you to endure suffering. Jesus endured the suffering of the cross; for the joy that was set before Him. And Father God is saying that we have become a soft, soft body not able to stand and persevere, but we must. We must.

Glory is about to be conferred on you. Glory is about to go through you. Glory is about to come to you and glory is coming for you, because you’re a son of God. Because you’re a son of God.

All creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Not only creation and nature wait for the manifestation for the sons of God, but the whole population of the earth is waiting for manifestation of the sons of God to come forth. Then His glory can be poured out through you, to you, in you, into those around you. O God, manifest the sons of God so we can lay down everything that keeps us from being manifested as a son in completeness, O God.

Satan may have taken rulership over this world, but it is temporary and we have hope, because of Christ Jesus, the hope of glory in us.

As we walk in the Spirit we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh as we live and move and have our being in the Spirit. We will not manifest all of the things of the flesh. The earth is groaning in labor pains waiting for you to be manifested. Waiting for you to come into your place. So that you can take authority and dominion over this creation and to begin to bring about the rulership of the kingship of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is groaning for you. Groaning so deep He cannot utter them. To see you manifested as a son of God. To see you walking in your gifts and your calling, and the power that He’s given to you. He is groaning for you. Interceding for you. He is even praying prayers for you, because you don’t even know how to pray for this to come to pass.

When you come into the manifestation of the son of God, God is so on your side, none can be against you. You’ll walk with power and authority. You have dominion over all the things of this earth. Over every evil spirit. You have dominion.

That is, who puts us into right relationship to Him. Who shall come forward and impeach those who God has chosen. Will God? NO! God has acquitted you. Stop living like you are condemned! Stop living like you have no power! stop living like you’ve not been justified by the living God! For it is God Himself who has justified you. You have been acquitted. You were guilty, but you have been acquitted. You do not pay the penalty of these sins.

No! Nothing can separate you from the love of God! Nothing can separate you from Him! Nothing!

The victory is yours. The battle has been fought. It has been won. And the victory is yours.

And the Lord would say to you, "I have acquitted you. I have said your debt is paid in full. I have said you are done with sickness and poverty and disease. I have said the enemy has no authority over you. I have declared you to be a join heir with Christ. And I am conferring upon you today your inheritance. Your heirship. You are now, not just when you go to heaven, you are now on this earth, My heir. I am declaring to you your authority. Take your authority. The body of Christ must come into her position as a manifested son of God. And we must manifest that all the time. Not sometimes. We must live in the spirit realm with the Holy Spirit. We must live with the Holy Spirit so that all times we can hear what He hears. We can see what He sees. We can live where He’s at. And we are not subject to these things on the earth. The enemy will try, has tried, will try again and again to come against you, but if you will manifest the God inside of you, if you will release the Holy Spirit inside of you, you shall make the enemy flee 7 ways from you. The church must arise. The church must arise ad come into her place as an heir.

If you are an heir of any of those wealthy, wealthy, wealthy people what would you do with what you are heir to? God has given you an acquittal. Power. He has given you the keys of the kingdom. This is your day of freedom. Passover was your last day of captivity. Today is your first day of freedom, and you are to become manifested sons of God. That power and authority be released through you. That His glory come to you, for you, in you, and through you.